Faulty battery or anything else?

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Do you ever notice your phone’s power is draining faster than you would ever expect? It’s happened again: you charged your phone and, in only a few hours, its battery life is nearing empty. Certainly, your phone’s short battery life might be because of a bad battery or a battery that’s come to the end of its life. Of course, the first thing that you will blame is your battery but what if your battery isn’t faulty — and your limited battery life has a different cause entirely? The biggest battery suck on your phone might be something else. That’s why you should know what exactly is draining your battery and see the biggest consumers of your phone’s power.

  1. Your Apps Keep Running in the Background. You might think your apps aren’t running because you aren’t using them, but really, many apps continue to refresh throughout the day. To fix this problem, you can disable background activity on just that app or you can be safe and disable background activity on all your apps.
  2. Your Phone Settings Are Draining Your Battery. Some of the biggest surprising battery-draining culprits are screen brightness and vibrate mode. Conserve battery by turning your screen brightness down — or, if you have a new phone, turning on the setting that lets it change brightness based on its surroundings. Vibrate mode is another problem; instead of putting your phone on vibrate, turn your ringer either off or on.
  3. You’ve Set Your Phone to Automatic Sync. If you find that your battery is draining quickly or that you don’t need to have your files so regularly updated, you can set your phone to only sync manually, when you tell it to sync. Once you’ve figured out the battery-draining culprits, you’ll be better informed about what apps to remove and what changes to make in order to extend your battery life. If none of these solutions make a difference, though, you likely have a faulty battery on your hands.

Still, there are other ways that you can improve your smartphone’s battery life. There are several functions and tasks on your smartphone that can take up so much of your battery’s limited supply. Sometimes, the biggest battery power stealers aren’t always the most obvious. In the end, know what exactly is draining your battery and see the biggest consumers of your phone’s power. Once you know which apps or programs are taking up your battery, you can now manage your battery and offers solutions to make your battery life last longer.


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