Improving your phone’s battery life

battery life

Most smartphone users are always having problems with the life span of their batteries. With a lot of applications and updates, you’re always struggling with a short battery life, plus the fact that there are several functions and tasks on your smartphone that can take up so much of your battery’s limited supply.

Still, there are other ways that you can improve your smartphone’s battery life. Sometimes, the biggest battery power stealers aren’t always the most obvious and so to give you tips to make your battery last longer, we will discuss five of the most surprising energy drainers.

  1. Apps

First on the list are your Apps. Even if you never use them, apps can be a significant drain on your battery power. So, it makes sense to get rid of the apps that you rarely — or never — use. Use App Manager to quickly uninstall any apps that you no longer want on your device. This will save you from going through all of the apps on your device to locate the ones you no longer want.

  1. Widgets

Your weather widgets, social media widgets or even your calendar widget on your home screen are there to give you real-time updates. But did you know that these are also battery big time drainers? This is because they’re often syncing. If you don’t need a widget, simply bring them to the trash icon.

  1. Signal Search

If you’re in a low-signal or a no-signal area, your phone doesn’t know what’s going on. If you let your phone function normally there, it will keep looking for a signal over and over again. To prevent your phone from draining its battery, go to Airplane Mode instead.

  1. Over- and Under-Charging

Your phone’s battery functions the best if you keep it between 40% and 80% battery. Don’t let the phone’s charge drop below 40% — if you let the battery drop low and then recharge again to full, you’ll shorten the battery’s life overall. Additionally, don’t let your phone keep charging when it’s already full.

  1. Vibrating

The worst setting for your battery’s healthy life is the Vibrate mode. Your phone will keep on using the battery every single second that your phone vibrates and so make sure to avoid this kind of settings. The best thing that you can do is turn your phone completely to silent or turn on the ringers


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