What are the best smartphone battery apps?

  • Easy Battery Saver (Android)
    • The Easy Battery Saver breaks down the remaining battery life according to the different types of use (surfing, telephoning, listening to music, videos). In addition, the radio connections can be switched on and off quickly.
  • DU Battery Saver & Widgets (Android)
    • This app scans the Android system for power-hungry devices and gives tips on how to save power. In addition, DU Battery Saver & Widgets has a charge statistic in the form of a calendar.
  • Greenify (Android)
    • Greenify is an extremely handy app for eliminating background applications. This can also be done via a shortcut on the home screen – with one click all predefined apps are closed.
  • Carat (Apple iOS)
    • This app reveals its full performance only after a week. During this time, Carat collects usage data and then provides tips on how to prolong battery life. Carat also shows you the true power-hungry apps.
  • Battery Doctor (Apple iOS)
    • Battery Doctor gives you useful tips on how to extend the life of your iPhone. The Battery Doctor also shows you how to extend the battery life by disabling certain features.
  • Battery Life Pro HD – All-IN-1 (Apple iOS)
    • This app not only shows you how long your battery will last under certain circumstances, but also lets you look at the active processes and memory consumption. Practical if you want to get an exact overview.
  • Battery (Windows Phone 8)
    • Battery provides direct access to the types of connections that can be switched on or off directly. Battery also provides a daily diagram of the battery consumption. Another innovative feature is the reminder of certain actions, e. g. plugging in the charger cable or switching off certain apps.
  • Battery (Windows Phone 8)
    • This app provides a good overview of the battery status, the remaining time and a clear statistic of the consumption. With the quick accesses, the individual connections can be switched off and on again directly.
  • Akku (Windows Phone 8)
    • The greatest strength of the battery app lies in the information about the remaining useful life, which is broken down according to the area of application. These include information that cannot usually be found in other apps. The app also offers battery calibration for music, video and WIFI.

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