The truth about overcharging a smartphone

overcharge phone

It’s really remarkable how far the technology in smartphones has advanced nowadays. Just looking at the last decade, we’ve finally seen some improvement in its usage and battery life as well. Phones are able to stay charged longer, allowing users to do more for longer periods of time. And considering it’s possible to access work files, create documents, browse shop, and order food all on our smartphones, battery life is actually an important factor.

When a smartphone is fully charged they will stop the current coming in, to make sure it does not damage the battery.  Since most phone batteries are lithium ion batteries the only real threat to overcharging your phone is if you do it in a plan. A change in pressure can cause serious damage to the batteries. One of the only things that can damage your phone battery is heat, which can be generated if the device is left charging too long. Normal lithium-ion packs found in phones today generally don’t like to be too cold, or too hot.

Though there are some ways to avoid your phone from overheating and damaging its battery. Some of the easiest ways are to buy chargers from the manufacturer themselves. The regular store bought batteries cannot get enough charge or the right amount of charge to your device. Another way to help your phone is to lay it out on a hard flat surface so that the heat, has an easier time spreading out of your phone. The other thing about cell phones is charge cycles. A charge cycle is how often you charge your phone. An example is using half of a charged battery then charging it and using half again, this is one charge cycle. Batteries in your phone only have a limited amount of charge cycles. If you see your phone dying quickly, or not turning on at all your battery has surpassed its max amount of charge cycles. To avoid this charge your battery in short bursts throughout the day, and rarely let it go from zero to one hundred.

Overcharging your phone is not the way to destroy your battery. The ways to destroy your battery consist of heat and charge cycles. To ensure maximum battery life safety always charge your phone on a flat, hard surface to allow for heat to escape and keep your device charging in spurts throughout the day.



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  1. I used to charge my Redmi Note 3 at night. After around six months, it started bulging out. So, I realized that we should not charge the phone before going to bed.

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