iOS battery vs. Android battery test

iOS vs Android

Most phones these days pack a bigger battery than the phones of old. When making your decision, it’s best to look at battery size (mAh) to give you a bit of an indication of how long-lasting the phone should be. And we came to a point to check out smartphone biggest rivals which are iOs and Android.

In Android, we’ve always used MX Player for playback, but with iOS devices, we use the phone’s internal video player. We also set the phone to airplane mode, turn off any automatic brightness and sleep settings and set the screen brightness to a standardized 170cd/m2.

While putting the phone into airplane mode turns off all of the wireless features and, naturally, extends battery life, it does mean that our tests are repeatable. The big problem with wireless is that signal strength can come and go, which forces the phone to adjust the amount of power that it uses constantly, causing variable results. Our goal is to show which phones last the longest in repeatable conditions and here are the results.

Android: With Android, Zenfone 3 Zoom sat at the top of this list because of 5,000 mAh battery.   , leading the way with a staggering 28hrs 50mins battery life. ZenFone 3 Zoom can also charge other devices via a reverse charging feature. Moto Z also claims another spot on the list which is pretty impressive considering that they are considered as mid-range devices rather compared to top-end flagships.

iOS: Early iPhones needed to recharge their batteries every day. More recent models can go days without a charge, though new versions of the operating system tend to cut battery life until they’re optimized for later releases. And the longest-lasting iOS device is still the latest iPhone 8 Plus with its wireless charging feature and A11 bionic processor, this iPhone seems to manage a more efficient power than the previous versions.

In the end, when we tried to put every smartphone to a test to find out which has the longest-lasting and best phone battery life, it’s really quite a challenge and given that we’re usually after a smartphone with great performance you still wanted to check which one has the best battery life. Based on some test and reviews, we found out that Android can deliver a device that works much longer than an iPhone on a single charge. Thanks to the wide variety of smartphone models because consumers can now get a lot of ultra-high capacity battery options.




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